Sunday, April 8, 2007

Success Principles

Love many things
You proportionally increase your chances for happiness by increasing the number of things that you love doing. Love many things and your happiness will escalate into an enthusiasm for life, which will have a positive effect on you and those around you. Seek and enjoy those things that give your life value and purpose. To love many things, you must be adventurous. A boring life is your own fault. Try new things. Be excited and passionate about life. Feel good. You must be able to see beauty in the grand scheme of things as well as in details. Discover: music, art, books, food, T’ai Chi, karate, theater, travel, movies, sunsets, exercise, friends, gardens and the Internet. Open your mind. Find your preferences. Make your home, office and dojo beautiful places to love. Keep going … Remember how lucky you are to have so many interests. Happiness may not be a result of financial success. Happiness is a result of loving many things and appreciating what you already have.

Appreciate your appeal
Following the Action Principles makes you an appealing, charismatic person. Students will want to learn from you, bosses to promote you, banks to lend you money and customers to buy your products or services. Your allure will be your genuine selflessness in wanting to help them to achieve their objective, whether it is to become a black belt or buy a car. By not trying to be a salesperson, but a true customer service person, you will make more sales. Charisma isn’t painted on the outside. It comes from the inside. Be honest. Be yourself. Adopt this attitude and you will be liked by many — immediately.

Act as you feel...
When you feel in the mood to do something, this is the best time to do it.
If you feel happy, smile.
If you feel daring, act.
If you receive good service, compliment.
If you feel energetic, do something positive.
If you know a good joke, tell it.
If you feel generous, give.
If you are interested in becoming wealthy, save and invest.
If someone needs help, lend them your strong hands or soft voice.
If you give your word, keep it.
If you want to make things better, vote.

Maintain your presence
Your contented presence shows an air of simple elegance and refinement in attitude and form. You appear physically, emotionally and spiritually strong, yet you seem to have even greater strength in reserve. You are poised, coordinated and balanced. You command with effortless, assured confidence. Be calm. Be deliberate. Feel assured and alert. Look good. Feel good. Keep your head up and your shoulders back. Keep your eyes forward. Breathe deeply. Speak with a soft voice in a thoughtful manner. Rarely interrupt. Be brief. Walk with a purpose. Don’t rush. Have a firm handshake. Your eyes are friendly. Your demeanor is respectful. Let your smile begin in your mind. You exhibit both style and class. First impressions are lasting.The things you want drawn to you will come as a result of your good nature and determined persistence. Pause and savor the moment. Begin your work.

Forget Everybody
Not everybody wants to do business with you. Not everybody wants to be your friend. Not everybody wants world peace. Not everybody wants to work hard. Not everybody wants to be president. Not everybody is smart enough to be a rocket scientist. Not everybody is fast enough to run in the Olympics. Who is helped by pretending otherwise? Trying to accommodate everybody is a trap. It can’t be done. Be yourself. People know their own problems better than you do. Not everybody will listen to reason or even act in his or her own best interest. You can.

Stay Centered
In the battles of life, you will take punches. Some may hurt. This too will pass. You are the center of your universe. Take care of your own needs first. Then go to your family, then to friends, neighbors and employees. Move on to the larger communities. Don’t use saving the world as an excuse to forget your family. Don’t allow others to rush or pressure you to act before you can decide what is right. The most important thing that a father can do for his children is to love their mother. Stand with your knees slightly bent. Head up. Breathe deeply from your belly. You are a very small part of the grand scheme of things. You are one with the universe. You are everything and nothing. Remain calm, balanced and aware. A powerful way to remain centered is thru the practices of meditation.

Embody Integrity
As a follower of the Action Principles, you are proud, strong, friendly, generous and successful. Many will seek your counsel. People will depend on you. Have faith and a belief in your cause. Know what you will fight for and what you won’t. Do not compromise what is right. Stick to your convictions and principles as you allow your ethical values to direct your decision-making. Integrity goes beyond self-interest to moral courage. Lying only leads to more lying.Keep your promises. Fulfill your commitments. People want to know where you stand and for what you stand. People respect honesty and sincerity, but hate hypocrisy. Be consistent. Speak in clear precise facts. Be sure your words match your deeds. Do what you say and your credibility builds. You cannot speak stronger words than, “I give you my word.”

Be the Warrior
The warrior is tough in loyalty, intensity, determination, bearing, initiative, endurance, courage and strength of will. The warrior is soft in calmness, self-confidence and compassion. The warrior is frequently called upon to step forward when most gladly step back. Warriors exist on the battlefield and in daily life. People may react to you rudely, selfishly and with malice. Be courteous anyway. Those you help may whine and offer no thanks. Help them anyway. Your honest words may be challenged and ridiculed. Speak anyway. Success may involve many mistakes and disappointments. Succeed anyway. Your donations may seem too small to matter. Give anyway. A warrior is a master, ever prepared to improve and to be of service to others.

Be Decisive
You don’t have to wait for permission to do the right thing. Be decisive. Take the initiative. Get the facts. Do it now. If you don’t have time to send a letter to a sick friend, send a card, a fax or an e-mail. If you can’t visit your mother, call her. If you see a gift that a friend would love, buy it for him or her. If you can’t go to the gym or dojo for ninety minutes, go for forty minutes.Avoid not doing things because you can’t get them done exactly as you’d originally planned. Be bold and get in the habit of doing something. Walk down one block. Pay three bills. Spend fifteen minutes with your children’s homework. Give five dollars to charity. Small efforts done continually can yield significant, positive results. Do it now while it’s on your mind. You don’t have to be perfect to live the Action Principles. Just be a person of action. You must have more than good intentions to succeed. You must act. Get it done. Start it now.
Action is the key word!

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